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Everything you should know about Hanoi 

The modern name Hanoi derives from Hà (river) and Nội (inside) to hint at the fact that Hanoi is literally, a city within the bends of the Red River. The capital of Vietnam is the second largest city in the country and has extensive transit options which make the city an excellent starting point for travelling around Vietnam.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hanoi

The capital city Hanoi is located in the Northern Vietnam. With its unique interplay of authentic Southeast Asian culture, Chinese...
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My Village – A Unique Bamboo Circus

Don’t you agree?We guarantee that Lang Toi – My Village show by Lune Production will give you goosebumps, you will...
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Hanoi Rooftops – One of a Kind Experience

Hanoi might sometimes make you feel oppressed as it’s a crowded and noisy city. So, why not spend a cosy...
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Experience the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex

Hanoi covers centuries of history and cultural background. Represented through museums and historical buildings, the capital of Vietnam dedicates an...
Hanoi's Train track is one of the best hidden gems in Hanoi

Best Hidden Gems in Hanoi

We all know Hanoi is the historical capital city of Vietnam, home to many international conferences and French-influenced political buildings....
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Things to Do in Hanoi in 24H

Hanoi is such a diverse capital city – the perfect blend between classic and modernity. Being the political and cultural...

Where to Eat in Hanoi?

Are you wandering around, still wondering where to eat in Hanoi? Trust us, for first-time Hanoi visitors and experienced ones...
Motorbike is definitely the most famous and popular mean of transportation in Hanoi

The Ultimate Guide to Hanoi Transport

Ranked 12th in TripAdvisor’s latest list of top 15 global destinations, Hanoi has been welcoming more worldwide travellers than ever....
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Best Time To Visit Hanoi

As Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is home to an abundance of landmarks and must-see sights, from temples and lakes to night markets....