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Vietnam Travel Tips

What to Know Before Travelling

It might be stressful to prepare a trip far from home and on the other side of the world. Keep reading and find the best Vietnam travel tips and tricks to maximize your experience in our country! 

What information can you find below:


  • Is Vietnam safe?
  • Packing for Vietnam – what not to forget
  • Long haul flights – how to survive and make it pleasant
  • What souvenirs to bring home
  • Traveling Vietnam with kids
  • Traveling Vietnam with friends
  • TET aka Vietnamese New Year – Should you visit during this period?
  • Best apps for your smartphone that will make your trip easier
  • Vietnam traffic and transportation guide
    and more…

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Souvenirs in Vietnam: the iconic conical hat - Non La

Souvenirs in Vietnam: What to Buy

Upon travelling to Vietnam, as any other tourist destinations in the world, you may wonder about what souvenirs to buy...
traffic in Vietnam is part of the vietnamese culture

Vietnamese Culture: Avoiding Culture Shock

The other side of the world, Asia and in particular Vietnam is for sure, a different universe. Everything differs –...
vietnam tips and tricks flight drink

Long Haul Flight Tips – We Cover Everything, From How to Stay Healthy to How to Be Comfy

Do you like flying? We sure do. Some flights are, however, too long. They can get boring. Company Qantas is...
vietnam transportation guide motorcycle

Vietnam Transportation Guide – All You Need to Know

You might hear about the chaotic traffic in Vietnam and feel a little bit unconfident when it comes to getting...
Is Vietnam safe? Check out our vietnam survival guide

Vietnam Survival Guide: Most Common Scams & Safety Tips

Is Vietnam safe? This is one of the first questions every foreigner asks when coming to Vietnam. The quick answer...

Packing For Vietnam: Smart Traveler’s Tips And Tricks

So, you’ve booked your flight. You’ve got your visa. You’re excited and counting the days and hours to the moment...
Travel with Friends

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam With Friends

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in South East Asia. It is a great place to travel...
Best free travel apps Vietnam

Best Free Travel Apps for Vietnam

Thanks to technology, travelling in the 21st century has become much easier than before. Wanderlusts around the world can rest...
Calligraphy tradition in Lunar New Year Festival, or Tet in Vietnam

Top 5 Local Insights You Need to Know About Tet in Vietnam

Locals to travel enthusiasts know that Tet in Vietnam (or Lunar New Year) is our biggest and most anticipated holiday. Tết...