Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam With Friends

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in South East Asia. It is a great place to travel solo or as a couple, but we will tell you why you should travel to Vietnam with friends.

1. Feel safe

Feel safe when you travel to vietnam with friends

First, travelling alone might end up as an amazing experience for some people, but for others, it might be quite stressful, especially when going to an unfamiliar country with a different culture. When you travel with friends, you don’t have to worry about sharing your space with strangers in public transport. You always have someone you trust to look after your bag when going to the bathroom in restaurants. You don’t need to awkwardly ask a stranger to take a picture of yourself, and deal with the language barrier. Little things like this can make a big difference. Of course, you can still enjoy an authentic experience and meet local people. If you travel with friends, you will be less likely to feel alone and will feel more safe and confident on your journey around beautiful Vietnam.

2. Pack smarter

Pack smarter to avoid full suitcases when you travel to Vietnam with friends

Preparing for a trip to Vietnam can be overwhelming. You want to pack for all weather conditions and life events, and still leave room in your luggage for souvenirs. If you travel with friends, you can optimize the space in the luggage by sharing some items (e.g. toothpaste or shampoo). Save that extra space to bring back the best souvenirs from Vietnam. Plus, two heads are better than one: your friend will remind you to pack necessary items in case you forget, or share his/her stuff if you are missing something.

3. Save money

Save money when you travel to Vietnam with friends

Vietnam’s cost of living is already very affordable, but who doesn’t like to save some pennies? A great advantage of travelling with your friends is that you can actually save some money. As a group, you share the cost of accommodation, transport and can even get discounts on tickets. For example, Vietnam has some amazing museums that you don’t want to miss on. You can also taste Vietnam’s specialties without splurging if you share dishes with friends.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone when you travel to Vietnam with friends

Some people could say that one of the advantages of travelling alone is the freedom to choose what you want to do. But is there a better way to experience new things than travelling with friends? There are innumerable things to do and discover in Vietnam that will meet everyone’s expectations. You might sometimes face disagreement on what to do. However, it’s also a way to get out of your comfort zone and experience things you would never consider trying alone.

5. Create meaningful and unforgettable memories

Last but not least, friends make memories last longer. We all know the saying “The more the merrier”, but it makes even more sense when it comes to traveling. From taking selfies to getting lost together, all these things become memories all of you will never forget. Being amazed by the breathtaking landscapes of Halong bay alone just doesn’t feel the same as sharing this moment with friends. Moreover, each person experiences things differently. This means that, after a while, your friend can remind you of some aspects of your trip which you might have forgotten. Remember that time you accidentally ate that little pepper in your Pho? No? It was hilarious! Of course, it’s not always easy to align plans and expectations for the trip as a group. In the end, each moment and common experience will create a stronger bond between you.

What better way to recall your trip to Vietnam than to talk about it with your friends and relive the memories together?

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