Halong Bay: Exhilarating activities and experiences

The infamous Halong Bay attracts millions of visitors from all around the world, but what are exactly the things to do in Halong Bay? The activities on hand at Halong Bay cater to almost every taste. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a beach lover, you can have it all. From simply admiring the views from the deck of a boat, or relaxing on the shores of a nearby beach, there are plenty of things to do in Halong Bay!

Go on a cruise

Halong Bay cruises
Multi-day cruise ships. Credits: Bhaya Cruises

Probably the most common activity to do in the Bay as it offers many possibilities. There are multiple types of cruise depending on your budget, with prices ranging from $60 to $300 for the most luxurious ones. Whether you’re looking for an authentic experience on a junk boat or a high-end night on a large boat. Cruises also depend on your desired length of stay in the Bay. Visiting a day? Or two? The choice is yours. The most convenient way to find a cruise is through your hotel or through travel agencies.

Cave visiting

Visiting a cave is one of the things to do in Halong bay
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Day trips and cruises usually include visits to the Bay’s caves. Some of the caves (Hang Dau Go/ Cave of the Wooden Stakes) played a decisive role in defending northern Vietnam’s coastline from invaders. Others are home to more unusual rock formations. Especially Hang Sung Sot/ Surprise Cave, but each cave has its own uniqueness. You’ll get the opportunity to truly understand the history of the Bay and to appreciate the mysterious feeling of its caves.


Swimming is one of the things to do in halong bay

At some stages of a cruise, and if the weather permits, swimming may be possible in the Bay. With golden sands and clear waters, Halong Bay’s beaches are perfect for a refreshing dip. Swimming in the Bay will certainly become one of the most picturesque experiences you’ll have in Vietnam. Beware of jellyfish that can sometimes wash into the bay following storms!

Squid fishing

Squid fishing is an interesting optional activity aboard many of the cruises. Most squid fishing takes place at night, giving ample opportunity to view the night sky over the Bay. Peak squid fishing season occurs in October – November and is only available from April – December. Though you’re not guaranteed to catch anything, attempting to lure these creatures out of the water is a great activity in itself. 


Kayaking is one of the things to do in halong bay
Credits: Hanoivoyages.com

Kayaking is a fantastic way to really get a feel for the waters of the Bay. An hour of kayaking is usually included in tours and cruises. This activity will allow you to really feel the pulse of the tides and the watery beat as you admire the Bay.

*kayaking should never be undertaken without an instructor or guide.

Visit Cat Ba Island

cat ba island butterfly valley
Credits: halongbayairport.com

Cat Ba Island is located in Lan Ha Bay, in the Halong Bay area. It’s the perfect spot to go if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists. The activities are more or less the same, but you will also be able to trek and visit the island. Appreciate the stunning nature by foot or by bike for an active journey!

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