The Most Beautiful Places in Vietnam for Nature Lovers

If you’re planning to visit the country soon and you’re looking for the most beautiful places in Vietnam, then perfect timing! Through mountains, rice fields, caves, forests, and even dunes, it has to be admitted that Vietnam has been blessed with amazing natural landscapes you can’t miss out! For that reason, we have selected for you the ones that should interest you.

So, keep reading to find the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam that will blow your mind!

Northern Vietnam

1. Halong Bay

Beautiful limestones emerging from clear waters
Credits: Tobias Schlaberg

If you travel to Vietnam and you’re a nature lover, you can’t miss the famous Halong Bay. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. The reason why people love it so much is because of its unique landscape of giant limestones emerging from the clear waters. Indeed, their origin is due to its formation from wind and sea.

If you wish to avoid the crowded tourist places, we advise you to go to Lan Ha Bay as an alternative,  in particular to Cat Ba island. It is an all- in- one destination! Indeed, you have the opportunity to cruise by boat, visit hidden caves but also to trek in the National Park. There, you can go to the top of the hill and admire the green mountains from there. Besides resonate calls of monkeys, peacefulness, silence and nature are the best part you’ll get from that place.

Did you know?

It’s now possible to discover Halong Bay by helicopter. Opt for this new way to admire the amazing view for your next trip to Vietnam.

2. Ninh Binh

laying dragon in ninh binh is one ofthe most beautiful places in vietnam
Stunning landscape from Laying Dragon moutain
Credits: Tobias Schlaberg

Besides the amazing Halong Bay, Ninh Binh is another must-see destination. As wide rice fields are surrounded by huge karst landscapes and rivers, it makes this province unique and listed among the most beautiful places in Vietnam.  That’s the reason why people name it the “Halong Bay on Land”.

By passing by  Tam Coc, Trang An and the nature reserve of Van Long, it’s difficult not being enchanted by that wonderful fauna & flora. On a rowing boat, you have the opportunity to cruise on the river and to go through very narrow dark caves in Tam Coc. Plus, one of the most stunning spots to have an entire view of the rice fields and giant mountains is the Laying Dragon Moutain. Even if you’ll need to climb up until the top, the result is definitely worthing the pain!

Did you know?

Some of the scenes from King Kong movie (Kong: Skull Island, 2017) were shot in Ninh Binh

3. Ha Giang

Stunning loop in ha giang- most beautiful places in vietnam
Loop of Ha Giang among the hugeness of moutains
Credits: Tobias Schlaberg

At the border of China, the extraordinary province of Ha Giang is another unique and fascinating destination for nature lovers. It’s also an alternative to Sapa as there are similar landscapes and fewer tourists. Taking a ride by passing by the sinuous loop as well as trekking around rice terraces and corn fields is what make travellers fall in love with this place. You will feel like an ant compared to the hugeness of the mountains and the sky.

There, you can also meet the ethnicities living with their goat flocks and buffalos in hidden villages. So, from Dong Van plateau to Hoang So Phi region, we not only assure you the landscape is absolutely breathtaking but also that location is worth the journey! That’s the reason why we have listed Ha Giang among the most beautiful places in Vietnam.

Did you know?

Dong Van karst plateau has been listed as UNESCO Global Geopark since 2010

Central Vietnam

4. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park & Caves

Sunrays in Phong Nha Caves
Credits: Instagram – @phongnha_photography

Let’s now travel to the centre of the country to discover one of the fourth most beautiful places in Vietnam we have selected. If you’re looking for caves to visit,  Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is definitely the one you should explore.  Spreading over a 2000km karst area, the park contains over 300 incredible caves. Phong Nha park proves that Earth can offer us wonderful nature and has a rich ecosystem.

Among the caves you can visit, Phong Nha is the easiest to access. As it is a subterranean cave, you can explore it by boat and also have a walk there until Tien Son cave. Don’t miss the opportunity to take original pictures! Like the above photo shows, you have the impression you’re going to be carried away in the sky because of the sun rays. Plus, don’t forget also to trek and go cycling to enjoy the beauty of the park!

Did you know?

Within the National Park, Hang Son Doong is the biggest cave in the world that still hasn’t been entirely explored. In addition to having its own jungle and rivers, the cave can fit a 40-storey building inside.

Southern Vietnam

5. Mui Ne Dunes

Sand dunes in Vietnam? It must be something you didn’t expect from a tropical country like Vietnam. But Mui Ne covers kilometres of sand dunes whose Red Sand Dunes and White Sand Dunes are the biggest and most popular ones. This desert landscape is as impressive and gorgeous as “green” landscapes that Vietnam offers us!

Credits: Intagram – @overtherush /@ amazingnv / pxhere

To make the most of this location, we advise you to go there either in the early morning or at the end of the afternoon. It will prevent your feet from burning on the hot sand. The second tip: find a nice and quiet spot away from quad bike noise and from the crowd to contemplate a beautiful sunset, especially at the Red Sand Dunes. So, don’t forget your camera to immortalize this wonderful landscape.

To continue your visit, you can also go to Fairy Stream. Nicknamed the “mini Grand Canyon”, the red limestone rocks and white clay are very interesting to see! Furthermore, it is recommended to walk in the stream barefoot if you care about your shoes.

Did you know?

  • The creation of dunes is due to winds rushing to and coming from the ocean.
  • In the Fairy Stream, the red colour of the rock is due to a rich iron concentration.

Which location(s) will you fall in love with? 😉

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