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Food is undeniably one of the most important parts of travelling. Vietnamese cuisine differs a lot depending on the region. Taste Vietnamese culture through your tastebuds, and discover unique and surprising flavours!

Top Must-Eat Vietnamese Dishes – Do Not Miss Out on Vietnamese Cuisine

Whatever place you are coming from, you probably encountered Vietnamese cuisine even if you have never visited the country. Famous...
kem xoi hai ba trung

Must-try Vietnamese Desserts

Sure, you have heard of banh mi, pho or bun as Vietnamese signature street foods. They are, however, for the...
vietnamese egg coffee

Where to Savour the Best Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Sure, you are a big fan of coffee in general, coffee beans are undoubtedly a must-buy upon travelling to Vietnam....
vietnamese balut

Vietnamese Food Facts – Bia Hoi, Snails, Frogs, Chicken Feet And More

Did you know that… 1. About 97% of Vietnam’s coffee comes from Robusta and Vietnam is the 2nd on the...

Vietnamese Coffee – A Rookie’s Guide

A Guide for Coffee Lovers The Vietnamese Coffee should be a single reason to visit the country. Especially if you...
Vietnamese noodle dishes beyond Pho

Vietnamese Noodle Dishes Beyond Pho

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, a bowl of Pho is presumably the first image that pops up in your...