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As Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is home to an abundance of landmarks and must-see sights, from temples and lakes to night markets. Hanoi’s famed Old and French quarters make up just part of this incredibly vibrant city. With a turbulent history (still very much on display), there remains much to discover in what used to be the beating heart of French Indochina. And whilst travelling, it’s noteworthy to think about Hanoi weather to find out the best time you can visit this beautiful capital city.

When to visit Hanoi

Depending on your origin, you may find that you would be comfortable visiting Hanoi at any time of year. However, with an average temperature difference of +10°C between some months, it’s worth thinking about your preferred temperature for exploring this ancient city.  

Hanoi in Tet Holiday
January – February is also Tet Holiday, with lesser people around and more red!

January –

Season: shoulder (in between peak and off-peak)

Weather:  One of the coldest months of the year.

Average temperature: 17°C

Notes: depending on when Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) falls, you may witness some spectacularly colourful festival celebrations, though with this will also come to a considerable price hike for accommodation. Be sure to bring several layers of clothing.

February –

Season: shoulder

Weather: Another cold month.

Average temperature: 17°C

Notes: depending on when Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) falls, prepare to be dazzled by vibrant displays, but also confronted with huge numbers of people travelling to their hometowns. In addition, Hanoi plays host to Quang Trung, a celebration in Dong Da district in which wrestling, lion dances and human chess take place (on the 5th day of the 1st Lunar Month). This celebration commemorates the uprising of Emperor Quang Trung against the Chinese at the end of the 18th century.

March –

Season: shoulder

Weather: Expect grey skies and cool temperatures.

Average temperature: 21°C


Season: off-peak

Weather: end of winter rains.

Average temperature: 24°C

Notes: Holiday of the Dead/Thanh Minh (held on the first three days of the third lunar month), ancestors and deceased relatives are honoured, tombstones are tidied and swept.

May –

Season: off-peak

Weather: expect warm days and clear skies.

Average temperature: 28°C

Notes: This month usually sees the celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death/ Phong Sinh (the fifteenth day of the fourth lunar month). Celebrations consisting of street processions and decorative lanterns adorning pagodas make this festival a feast for the eyes.

June –

Season: off-peak

Weather: increasing humidity.

Average temperature: 29°C

Notes; Summer Solstice Day/ Tet Doan Ngo (fifth day of the fifth lunar month), this festival is held in order to appease the God of Death and prevent epidemics. Offerings are made to ghosts and spirits, and rice wine/ruou nep flows freely!

Peak Season

July –

Season: peak

Weather: very hot and humid with heavy rain, though not as extreme as conditions in the south.

Average temperature: 29°C

Hanoi weather in peak season
Vietnamese ladies covering from head-to-toe are a common sight here.

August  –

Season: peak

Weather: still very hot and humid with monsoon downpours.

Average temperature: 29°C

Notes: The second most important festival of the year, Wandering Souls day/ Trung Nguyen occurs on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. Part of an ancient tradition, food is offered to lost spirits outside who roam the earth for the day. In Hanoi, you might also experience Children or Mid-Autumn Festival where the full moon is celebrated with moon cake. Dance processions featuring dragons, unicorns and lions take place, to the delight of local children.


Season: peak

Weather: temperatures and humidity levels begin to decrease.

Average temperature: 28°C

Notes: Be prepared for the spectacle that is National Day (2nd September) across Vietnam. Parades and rallies take place during the day ahead of fireworks at Ba Dinh square, as well as boat races on Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

Off-Peak Season

Hanoi Weather Hoan Kiem Lake
Hoan Kiem Lake remains beautiful, regardless of the weather.

October –

Season: off-peak

Weather: excellent, clear skies and high temperatures are very likely in Hanoi.

Average temperature: 25°C

Notes: Mid-Autumn Festival/ Trung Thu falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month (this can be September or October!). Expect moon cakes filled with seeds, peanuts and duck egg yolks.

November –

Season: off-peak

Weather: temperatures begin to fall.

Average temperature: 22°C

December –

Season: shoulder

Weather: noticeably fresh-feeling with distinctly chilly evenings and mornings.

Average temperature: 18°C

How much time to spend in Hanoi

In order to fully appreciate the sights of Hanoi, allow two or three days to visit the city. Ho Tay (the West Lake) deserves an afternoon or morning to itself, whereas the delights of the Old Quarter are best enjoyed in the evening. Stay for a couple of days and join in with the local routine of t’ai chi practice at dawn and dancing in the public squares (particularly Thong Nhat Park) at night.


Taking everything into account, March – April and September – November are the best times to visit Hanoi. During these months the temperature is neither cold enough to require several layers of clothing nor so hot that walking around outside becomes a chore. The months of October and November have the least rainy days, whereas March and April see comfortable temperatures averaging around 22°C.

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