Hanoi Rooftops – One of a Kind Experience

Hanoi might sometimes make you feel oppressed as it’s a crowded and noisy city. So, why not spend a cosy night in one of Hanoi rooftops with your friends? Not just for a cup of coffee, cold drink or a piece of tasty cake, but those places can somehow make you relax with its stunning panorama view.

Rooftops are undoubtedly rising trend in Vietnam. Not only for Vietnamese, as a visitor to this beautiful capital, you should also spend a few hours of your city exploration here, to discover a very different Hanoi – from above.

1. Skyline Hanoi

Located on the 11th floor of a building in the very centre of Hanoi, just a few steps to Hoan Kiem lake, Skyline Hanoi is a perfect location in the area. From there, you can see the Hoan Kiem Lake, Long Bien bridge, and every building around the Old Quarter with hustling traffic on the streets.

Have a seat, wait for the sunset and admire the breathtaking scenery of peaceful Hanoi.

Skyline Hanoi is both a coffee bar and a restaurant with excellent European dishes and colourful cocktails. You can choose between the relaxing and elegant European seats or active pool bar.

One hint from us, if you are in Hanoi during the Tet (traditional Vietnamese new year), the rooftop is one of the most desired spots to admire the new year fireworks. Imagine being there with your lover, it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

hanoi rooftop skyline hanoi
Credit: Skyline Hanoi

2. City View Café

Ever heard about the “Shark jaw” building before? It’s located right in the heart of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake, and undoubtedly is the most famous building for Hanoi citizens. If you are looking for the best view overlooking a lake that surrounds Ngoc Son Temple, a pagoda sitting in the centre on a small island, there it is, City View Cafe.

This Hanoi rooftop coffee shop is decorated with simplicity in mind, using most of the space of the rooftop and sky view to bringing out the best experience for its customers.

Especially, every weekend, during the “Walking Street” hours (pedestrian-only hours start from Friday 6 p.m until Sunday 12 p.m), you can see all the activities of people in the streets and listen to the music of street singers. Now, just relax on your comfortable chair, sip on a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

No doubt that it can be difficult to just show up on NYE to admire the firework and having a seat available for you. Book in advance and leisurely appreciate the view.

hanoi rooftop city view cafe
Credit: City View Cafe

3. The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

On top of the Pacific Place building, the Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is on the list of the fanciest and most beautiful rooftops in Hanoi.

This Hanoi rooftop is most suitable for people who fancy Western elegant style. With a contemporary interior and warmly decorated background, it provides the best place for people to lush into a typical European bar and restaurant.

The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is highly rated for a variety of cocktails and cuisine. What could be more attractive than sitting down, while listening to the romantic jazz, yellow lights illuminating your table at night, admiring the view and chatting with your friends?

The rooftop regularly invites famous singers to come for a private show. Check their website and book the best seat for the singer you fancy.

hanoi rooftop the rooftop bar
Credit: The Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

4. Summit Bar

Get to the 20th floor of the Sofitel hotel to find one of the most popular rooftops in Hanoi. Overlooking the West Lake, Thanh Nien road and Red river, the rooftop will satisfy visitors just by its location.

From 4 PM to 8 PM, Summit Bar serves coffee, tea, and cakes for a relaxing afternoon. After 8 PM, the rooftop will provide wines and cocktails for all the business meetings or romantic dates. Try to book an outdoor table, you will be able to enjoy the cool breeze and a stunning view of Hanoi at night.

For a class rooftop, the service is a huge plus. Professional and friendly service will steal your heart at the very first time of visit.

hanoi rooftop summit bar
Credit: Summit Bar

5. Top of Hanoi

Will you dare to go on the top of the 67th floor of Lotte Tower, the second-highest building in Hanoi?

Here the interesting things to do when visiting the Top of Hanoi: standing on a see-through glass with a stunning 360-degree view of Hanoi. It undoubtedly requires a lot of bravery, even for people without the acrophobia. Dare yourself and experience a one-of-a-kind rooftop in Hanoi.

Do not head home so early, go to their rooftop coffee shop. The place is perfectly designed for people loving the simple design and taking photos for social media. Capture the moment!

Even during the summer, sitting on the 67th floor at night, you might need a light coat. Don’t worry if you forget to bring one, the waiters can provide a soft blanket if needed.

hanoi rooftop top of hanoi
Credit: Top of Hanoi

6. Trill Rooftop Café

Since its first day, Trill Rooftop Cafe has gone viral for youngsters in Hanoi. Not as central location as the previous ones, but its beautiful and unique decoration is the magnet to all customers.

Decorated in vintage style, the rooftop is designed with wooden furnishing, a big carpet in the middle and sparkling yellow lights.

Targeting young customers, Trill Rooftop Cafe provides a menu with reasonable prices of drinks and cakes. 

What is even better, you can swim there too! But do come early because it fills up fast and it will close after 8 PM.

The list of things to do is not over yet. Come to the rooftop before sunset, go to the helicopters landing field and admire the breathtaking scenery.

hanoi rooftop trill rooftop coffee
Credit: Trill Rooftop Cafe

7. 6 Degrees

If you are specifically interested in Italian cuisine and drinks, 6 Degrees is the place for you. Combine with a panorama view of the West Lake, the rooftop will charm you.

You can go there with your date, or arrange a business meeting or even a family meeting. All will be unforgettable. Order a pot of tea with well-decorated cakes, no one can resist that pleasure.

hanoi rooftop ̉6 degrees
Credit: 6 Degrees

8. Terrace café

Not everyone knows about the tranquil and green Terrace Cafe. The reason is simple, it shares the same floor with one of the fanciest and most famous bars in Hanoi, Level 10.

Don’t let that reputation fool you. Terrace Cafe is an absolutely suitable place for your relaxation and peace.

They serve Western cuisine, with highlights being salads and fresh juices. The green environment will be a perfect setting for your total relaxation on this Hanoi rooftop.

hanoi rooftop terrace cafe
Credit: Terrace Cafe

9. Cielo 13 – Sky bar

Overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake, Grand Theater and Hilton hotel, Cielo 13 wins the best locations for a Hanoi rooftop.

The rooftop is decorated with a mix of vintage and contemporary decor while still preserving some green space for relaxation.

hanoi rooftop cielo 13
Credit: Cielo 13

10. Cosa Nostra

This might be the lowest-levelled rooftop in Hanoi but it is famously called the “European in Hanoi”. The name says it all. You will find a true classic
European-style furniture and atmosphere inside. Wooden chairs and tables, comfortable sofas are all you need to enjoy a cup of coffee.

And a good company, of course 🙂

Located in one of the peaceful streets of the Old Quarter, Cosa Nostra is famous for its tranquil environment, despite the mafia name. Focused on a variety of tea menu, this rooftop will serve yours in a see-through glass pot on a wooden table. A peaceful tea break in the afternoon awaits.

hanoi rooftop cosa nostra
Credit: Cosa Nostra

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