Best Places to Visit in Vietnam In December

December is a popular travel period. Read about the weather in our top 5 destinations to visit in Vietnam in December.



Cool cafe in Saigon with nice murals
One of the colorful eateries in Saigon. Instagram @jimengad

Must be definitely on your list! Why? It is the busiest city in the South of Vietnam, an important tourist centre, with many historical sites, food places and museums. Just to mention some facts: There are 10+ must-visit museums in Ho Chi Minh City, including the famous War Remnants Museum, you can find Notre Dame here, and it used to be the capital of the Republic of Vietnam, commonly known as South Vietnam. It is a major air travel gateway too and makes it easy to visit other of our 4 top destinations in Vietnam in December.

And how is Saigon’s weather in December? The rainy season ends in November so you will stay dry till April (December and January are the dry months), with the average highest temperature of 31 degrees and an average lows of 22.

Phu Quoc

Art in the ocean at Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, inspired by Salvador Dali
Sculptures of elephants based on Dali. Instagram @xlifeofawandererx

Did you know that Phu Quoc is made out of 28 islands in total? To cover all you can see and do – we have prepared a guide for you. To summarize: unique ecosystems, marine life (animals like dugong, the hawksbill turtle and green turtle), camping, snorkelling, diving, unspoilt beaches and a natural park, as well as amazing resorts, restaurants and people, await.

The climate on Phu Quoc is nice all-year-round but the best weather (dry and hot – do not forget that sunscreen) aka main season lasts from December to March. If you arrive here in December, the temperature will be 28 – 33°C (82,4°-91,4°F) with lower humidity. Sun is strong, so we repeat, do not forget that sunscreen. And since the island is very green, a mosquito repellent for all your island discovering will come in handy too.

Con Dao

Con Dao has spectacular views
Instagram @christianbergphotography for Vietnam Tourism Board

Same as with Phu Quoc, weather in the South change when November changes into December so Con Dao can be a good choice too. The snorkelling can be affected by wind (visibility not that great), but you can pamper yourself at a resort or go coastal hiking or discover Dam Trau, Ong Dung or Con Son village beaches. Oh and nom on some seafood!

If you want to unwind with no wind – March to June is your choice. However, in December in Vietnam and specifically on Con Dao Island, that lies 80km from the mainland Mekong Delta region and 230km from Saigon, you can still enjoy temperatures of 25-27°C

To make really sure if you are visiting in the right period for your desired activities, we recommend consulting a local agency (does not cost a thing)

Nha Trang

Beautiful almost empty Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang Beach. Instagram @zero_seok

Hate sweating and strong sun? The rainy season of Nha Trang ends in December and temperatures cool down to about 22 to 27°C. You can only expect drizzle during late afternoons. Want a Western experience? Go to Tây street area (along Hung Vuong, Tran Phu, Biet Thu streets). If you find yourself here on Christmas, you can visit Nui Church (Christ the King Cathedral.) Other great activities in Nha Trang in December might be chilling at Nha Trang Bay (some say it is one of the world’s most beautiful bays), Po Nagar towers from the Champa period, a Buddha statue, mountains or waterfalls.

If this is not your first stop in Vietnam and you want to try something else than rice or noodles, we recommend Ca ri ga – a Vietnamese curry. For more food tips, head to our Must-Eat section!


Vietnamese woman on a boat on Mekong, Vietnam
Boat on Mekong. Instagram @alain.pietrolongo

Sông Cửu Long (Nine Dragons River) is certainly a must-see. It flows through several countries and Vietnam prospers thanks to 65,000 km2. It is rich in animals species, people live on river banks and it keeps their businesses afloat (literally, try a cruise or a floating market – unforgettable.)

And how is the weather like in December? Temperature is about 26-28°C and the season is dry. The ideal (and most popular) time to visit the Mekong region is from November to April. So, what not to miss here? Find out in our Mekong Delta ultimate guide.


Ready for your trip to Vietnam in December? Keep in mind these simple tips!


For most Vietnamese, Christmas is more of a curiosity and a shopping opportunity than a religious holiday. Catholics are a minority, but they still make up approximately 7% of the population. You could even attend a mass, if you want to.

North and be chilly with a drizzle, South can be hot and sunny. And center, rainy. Pack accordingly. For tips, check our special guide – Smart traveler’s packing tips and tricks.

Yes, there is snow in Vietnam! If you want to see it, head to Sapa (Lao Cai), Ha Giang province or Cao Bang province.

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