Best Free Travel Apps for Vietnam

Thanks to technology, travelling in the 21st century has become much easier than before. Wanderlusts around the world can rest assured that mobile phone applications give contain all that is needed for a dream holiday in Vietnam. We’re glad to provide you with the list of the best free travel apps you can use on your journey in this lovely country!


Grab is one of the best free travel apps for Vietnam travelling


Grab service is similar to Uber and is one of the most handy travel apps in Vietnam. Available in most major cities (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ha Long, Ho Chi Minh City, …), Grab is free to download and user-friendly. Creating a profile takes seconds and you are ready to start using the app straight away. It offers taxi rides, private cars, motorcycle taxis, and even delivery services. Keep in mind that you need a valid phone number to register. Therefore, make sure to purchase a local SIM card when you arrive in Vietnam if you want to use Grab.

Available for iOS | Android

FastGo is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam


FastGo is another option you should consider when travelling around Vietnam. A newcomer, in comparison to Grab, FastGo, however, slightly differs from its forerunner. During rush hours, Grab prices tend to skyrocket unexpectedly, while FastGo travel fares remain stable. You decide whether to pay tips as an incentive for drivers. As well as for Grab, you need to have a vald phone number to use FastGo services.

Available for iOS | Android


Google Map is one of the best free travel apps you can use in Vietnam

Google Maps

If you’re navigating yourself on the complex, hard to pronounce streets and roads in Vietnam, then Google Maps is the to-go best free travel app you can get. You can explore new areas, plan the fastest and most convenient routes to the places of your interest, and get recommendations with Google Maps! Useful tip: download the offline map of the area and navigate freely without an internet connection! An alternative to Google Maps is CoccocMap.

Available for iOS | Android

Busmap is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam


Those travelling around Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, should not overlook BusMap. Just like the complex structure of Tokyo’s railway, these two cities have thousands of bus stops and hundreds of bus routes. With BusMap, travelling made easier. The app shows all the bus stops on the map, the waiting time for buses, and routes between locations.

Available for iOS | Android | Window Phone

Note: This app is only available to use in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (for iPhone users)


Google translate is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam

Google Translate

In Vietnamese, one word means nowhere near the same with just a slight change of tone. This not unfrequently casuses a lot of confusion and misunderstanding among foreigners. With the help of Google Translate, you can enjoy the free time without your guide, interact confidently and easier immerse in local scenes beyond language barriers. Make sure you have the Vietnamese pack downloaded on your devices, in case you cannot access the Internet.

Available for iOS | Android 


Foody is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam


Foody is the Vietnamese analogue Yelp and Burpple! With the English version of the app on hand, searching for your desired place to eat has never been easier. From Vietnamese food to Western cuisine, street food to fancy restaurants, Foody has them all! You can even narrow down the options to around your area. Did we mention that you can also book your table via this app? Or else, you can save energy for another travel adventure and have the food delivered to your doorstep just with a few clicks with Vietnammm or Lozi.

Available for iOS | Android | Window Phone

Currency Converter

XE Currency

If you find currency conversion troublesome, XE Currency Exchange will come to aid, featuring 180 currencies including Vietnamese đồng. This app enables you to update exchange rates by every minute, as well as display historical charts within just a few clicks. Why not give your brain a break from calculations then?

Available for iOS | Android | Window Phone


Booking is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam


This is one of the best free travel apps recommended for download not only in Vietnam but worldwide. This is where you can find hotels, resorts, condos and homestays. The app allows to specify and adjust your search to your budget and preferences for the trip to Vietnam. Register as a loyalty member and you can even unlock Genius discounts and secret deals too! Similar app: Agoda.

Available for iOS | Android | Window Phone



If you’re looking for a more authentic and local experience of stay, then booking a house for a short-term stay on Airbnb is the way to go. You can also find culture exchange activities, new travelling experiences with locals, cooking classes, restaurants and more!

Available for iOS | Android 

Traveloka icon


This might be the first time you come across this seemingly funny name, but do not overlook what it has to offer. Traveloka is a leading booking platform for hotels plus flights in Asia. Such amazing features as easy user experience, best price finder, customer reviews, price alerts, no hidden charges, various payment alternatives, secure payment system, 24-hour call centre service, etc. will surely wipe away your doubts about its worthiness.

Available for iOS | Android 

Just about anything…

Vietnam travel guide by triposo

Vietnam Travel Guide by Triposo

Another must-have app for those who travel around Vietnam. Vietnam Travel Guide contains nearly everything you need to know about this country, from places to see, restaurants to visit, practical information, weather forecast, common phrases and even currency rate.

Available for iOS | Android 

Tripadvisor is one of the best free travel apps to use in Vietnam


Last but not least, TripAdvisor is undeniably the largest travel resource you can freely access. TripAdvisor covers everything a traveller needs, from booking service for flights, hotels, restaurants, service tours and cars to recommendations and reviews for the best attractions, activities, food sites wherever you visit. Also, familiarize yourself with Near Me Now and Virtual tour features to know your best way around Vietnam.

Available for iOS | Android | Windows

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