March 2018
Destinations I Hanoi
As Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is home to an abundance of landmarks and must-see sights, from temples and lakes to night markets. Hanoi’s famed Old and French quarters make up just part of this incredibly vibrant city. With a turbulent history (still very much on display), there remains much to discover in what used to be the...
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halong bay destinations in vietnam
Accommodation in Halong Bay is available in a huge variety. For visitors spending the night on shore, hotels range from fairly basic to sophisticated resorts. However, as the main attraction, cruises come in all shapes and sizes. The big distinction here is the type of boat, with a choice between the traditional wooden junk ships...
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Halong Bay itinerary
Looking for that perfect Halong Bay itinerary? Halong Bay is a vast area, and there are many ways to explore its wonders. Firstly, you should decide which type of experience you would like. Halong Bay may be the most famed of all locations, but Bai Tu Long Bay offers the chance to engage with a...
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Weather in Halong Bay
The infamous Halong Bay attracts millions of visitors from all around the world, but what are exactly the things to do in Halong Bay? The activities on hand at Halong Bay cater to almost every taste. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a beach lover, you can have it all. From simply admiring the views...
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